Important Facts About Florida Auto Insurance Quotes

Florida auto insurance is mandatory. As it is with all other states. There are federal and state laws regarding the purchasing of car insurance. As you may already know, every state has a minimum level of coverage you must have. While some states have extremely strict rules, while others do not. FL is a state with these strict rules.  The number one thing you need to know before shopping for coverage is that this state is a  no-fault policy.

What is a no fault insurance state?

The state of FL is a no fault policy state according to  You will find that the state follows a no fault system. This system works like this: Each person in an accident will pay for their own damages with their policy.  A basic no fault policy will consist of these three parts. 

  • Personal Injury Protection – If you become injured in an accident, this will pay for your medical expenses.
  • Property Injury Protection- No fault will pay up to a million dollars for damages your car caused to other peoples buildings or fence. 
  • Liability Insurance-This protects insured persons from being sued due to an auto accident. 

What are the minimum car insurance requirements?

Before you decide to start collecting any Florida auto insurance quotes, you will need to know what the minimum insurance requirements are. FL law requires that all vehicle owners are to maintain a certain amount of coverage. This will help protect you and the driver in the event of an accident. Be sure that you keep an eye out for the minimum amounts of coverage required for vehicles. 

  • 10,000 for the injury or death of a person whether it be yourself, a passenger, or the other driver
  • 10,000 for any property damage
  • 10,000 per person in medical payments coverage

How do I begin shopping for auto insurance in FL?

Now that you know the basics, auto insurance quotes Florida residents need are just around the corner. Gather your quotes here to start getting an idea of what rates are and how much coverage you will need. Remember the minimum requirements!

Florida Homeowners insurance and your dog.

It’s not that Florida insurance companies don’t like dogs. It’s not that at all. It’s that some dogs are huge bite risks. Why does that matter? When a dog bites, the risk is that the victim will have medical bills.  A claim might be filed and the insurance company might have to pay. If the victim sues, it’s an even worse scenario for the insurer and for you.

But none of these are happy scenarios for an insurance company.  That’s why they keep data on which dog breeds are the biggest bite risks. That statistic is based on the number of claims filed per breed.  It’s a fact that some dog breeds are responsible for more homeowner insurance claims than others. And while says there is no “standard” list, the fact is that they all know which breeds are large risks.  Here are some of them:

  • Pit bull or Staffordshire terrier
  • Chow chow
  • Akita
  • Malamute
  • Doberman
  • German Shepherd
  • Rottweiler
  • Great Dane

There are other risky breeds, too, and they—or mixes that include them—can get in the way of you getting low-priced Florida homeowners insurance quotes from someone, And that’s not good news for you.  Because you have bills to pay and don’t need a premium higher than you can afford.

Maybe you want to be clever and not tell your insurer about Fido’s breed. That’s a bad idea. Should Fido bite someone, you will probably be liable for the medical bills because you failed to disclose key information. Your scenario could be even worse—the victims could sue.

Now, some insurance companies will still give you a policy according to It might be a higher priced policy than given to those who do not have such dogs. But other companies refuse to ensure households with bite risk dogs in them.  Even if it costs you more in higher premiums, disclose your dog breed when asked while getting your Florida homeowners insurance quotes. It’s a protection against being decimated financially.

If you’re thinking about getting a new dog and want one of these high-risk breeds, check in with your agent to discover how much your insurance might go up. After talking to him her or her, you may just decide on an Irish setter, instead.And of course, appreciate the doggy kisses your very sweet Malamute gives you when he sits next to you on the sofa. Those may be some pretty expensive kisses!

Why Do I Need Florida Renters Insurance?

Florida renters insurance is important. Some people don’t bother with it and then regret it later on. Your possessions are valuable. When you fail to get this insurance coverage, you’re putting your financial health at risk. Something may happen, such as a robbery or damage to your property. If you don’t have renter’s insurance, you’ll need to repair or replace everything and you won’t be able to file a claim for your expenses.

Renter’s Insurance Is Affordable

Since the cost of renters insurance online here is often very reasonable, there’s no good reason not to buy it. It should be considered an essential part of taking care of your financial life. Consider all of the things that you own which have monetary value and/or sentimental value. What would happen if they were stolen or damaged? How much would it cost to repair or replace everything?

Without insurance, you put yourself in the hands of fate. It’s much smarter to pay a reasonable premium each month (or pay for a year’s worth of renter’s insurance at one time). When you do so, you’ll gain protection in the event that something happens to the belongings inside of your rented space.

How to Find FL Renters Insurance

Most larger insurance companies do offer Florida renters insurance policies. We recommend shopping around, after doing a quick and simple Google search for “renter’s insurance”. Next, visit the first few companies that pop up in your Google search. Confirm that they provide renter’s insurance to people in your area. Then, look at the policies offered. Is there just one policy, or are different tiers of coverage available?

After you do this, at, you should have a sense of what things cost (use the quote generators at these websites to get fast, free estimates as you go along). You’ll know which tier of coverage fits your budget and needs. After you compare the quotes from different companies you’ll be primed to move forward and apply for the cheapest policy online. Just be sure that the company that you plan to buy renter’s insurance from is reputable.

Next, visit that company’s website and apply for the policy of your choice. After you do so, you’ll hear back from the company once they’ve looked over your application and made a decision. If they approve the application, you’ll be provided with instructions which let you know what to do next.